About Us


Who Are We?

Brass Ring Films is a boutique video production company based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Since 2004, we’ve delivered high quality HD and 4K video for clients both locally and regionally. 


What Do We Do?

Brass Ring Films produces highly compelling, cost-effective, creative video production. Being strategic means creating video content that captures attention, delivers your message and builds your brand. We help organizations harness the power of corporate video production and deliver on specific business objectives. 

Our job is to tell your story visually, to bring the script to life and create the moments that will connect with your audience. We work with our clients collaboratively on projects to achieve high quality content. 


What Do We Use?

We combine high-end 4K cameras, drones and support equipment to achieve better video and better results. We own all of our own equipment and have access to whatever other equipment is necessary for each job.