About Us

Brass Ring Films is a small, independent film production company based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Our mandate is to produce and provide highly entertaining narrative films while also offering Event coverage, Equipment Rental and Post Production services.

Brass Ring Films was founded by local theatre veteran, Neal Buconjic.

Buconjic was dissatisfied that Northern Ontario seemed isolated from other communities where digital filmmaking was being explored and embraced. He decided it was high time that Sault Ste. Marie develop its own filmmaking community and offer learning opportunities to both actors and crew alike.

While the film projects that have been currently produced under the Brass Ring Films umbrella are original works written and directed by Buconjic, he has also worked on and provided equipment to other independent film projects.

Brass Ring Films utilizes the latest digital filmmaking equipment, delivering stunning 1080p HD content.